20 12, 2018

BMO Financial Group Chief Talent Officer Mona Malone named to Long Run Initiative Board of Governors


The Long Run Initiative (LRI) is delighted to announce that Mona Malone, Chief Talent Officer for BMO Financial Group, will be joining its international Board of Governors, effective immediately.

BMO Financial Group Chief Talent Officer Mona Malone named to Long Run Initiative Board of Governors2018-12-20T14:52:51-05:00
2 10, 2018

Why History?


The Long Run Initiative has been established to help guide executives and policymakers understand the importance of history to their decision making. Why should business leaders and policymakers care about economic history? Can the past really help us make decisions in the present and for the future? A study of the economic past is useful for at least four reasons. Trajectory First, economic history helps us understand trajectories. In other words, it gives us an insight of where the economy has come from and where it is headed. Demographic changes have major effects on markets and public policy, but [...]

Why History?2019-10-30T16:49:56-04:00
26 09, 2018

Announcing the Official Launch of the Long Run Initiative


New Global Forum Created to Bring Corporate Executives, Policymakers and Historians Together to Connect Long-Run Context to Contemporary Challenges TORONTO, Canada and BELFAST, Northern Ireland, 1 October 2018 - Signal Influence Executive Research & Communications, Inc., (SIERC), Canada, and Queen’s University Belfast’s Centre for Economic History announced today the creation of the Long Run Initiative, (LRI) a new, not-for-profit global forum bringing together academic experts, business leaders and public policy makers to provide context and deepen understanding from history of the grand challenges facing business and government. LRI analysis focuses on connecting where we have been to where we are [...]

Announcing the Official Launch of the Long Run Initiative2018-12-20T10:42:05-05:00
30 05, 2018

May 2018, Belfast UK, Information Revolutions Roundtable


The theme of the event evolved from numerous discussions amongst the participants around issues of innovation, productivity, and globalization. Phrases such as Industrial or Information Revolution easily set off debates amongst economic and business historians. What are the causal factors? How do they relate to previous revolutions? What are the likely effects in light of previous experience? […]

May 2018, Belfast UK, Information Revolutions Roundtable2018-09-26T19:41:18-04:00
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